123 Counter

123 Counter

Size3.7M Last UpdateSeptember 22, 2015 OwnerOnmobio Flashlight Version1.0.4 Download10,000+

Counter ensure simple counting. Use an LCD screen to display the count, and a button to advance the count. Also have a button to decrement the count, for example if a mistake is made, or if counting a majority.

Can be used as people counter, traffic counter, visit counter, number counter, money counter, step counter, hitcounter, coin counter, tally counter, cash counter, visitor counter, cell counter, clicker, handheld counter, lap counter, things coounter, wrist counter, inventory counter.

You can count anything you want with clicking on-screen buttons.
Click “+” button to increase counter.
Click “-” button to decrease counter.
Click “RESET” button to reset counter to zero.
Click “note icon” for set starting point number.

・Big “+” Button
・Stylish design
・Set starting point
・Portrait or landscape counter mode
・Both positive and negative counter

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