Aldiko Classic

Aldiko Classic

Size16M Last UpdateOctober 26, 2018 OwnerDe Marque Version3.1.3 Download500,000+

Aldiko Classic is based on Aldiko 3.x for users that would like to continue using the “classic” Aldiko experience:

– Support for EPUB, PDF and audiobooks as well as Adobe DRM (ACS)
– Support eBooks from public libraries.
– Fully-customizable reading experience
– Advanced library management system
– In-app catalog with both best-sellers and free classics (OPDS support)

A premium subscription is also available to unlock the following features:

– Disable all ads from the app
– Support for TTTS (Text To Speech)
– Support for highlights and annotations
– Detect Calibre catalogs on your local network

What's New
Aldiko 3.1 is the final release for Aldiko Classic.

New features:
- Improved audiobook support
- Internet Archive is now a default catalog: download and listen to 25,000+ audiobooks for free
- Monthly subscription is now available as an alternative to the Premium app
- Brightness now defaults to auto (device settings), this can be changed to "advanced brightness" in settings to manually adjust it

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