Learn ABC, 123, Colors and Shapes–Preschool Guide.

Learn ABC, 123, Colors and Shapes–Preschool Guide.

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“Learn ABC, 123, Colors and Shapes – Preschool Guide” is designed for a simple and easy way for children and toddlers to learn about the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes. The app aims to have both children and toddlers have a fun and engaging experience while simultaneously learning the information being presented to them, for this to be possible the app teaches through interactive games that the child/toddler can play, these games can range from basic to intermediate difficulty levels to ensure each age range has their own challenge and skill to learn.
The app itself is presented in a colorful and fun way for it to appeal to the children/toddlers, keeping young ones engaged can be difficult if it isn’t going to grab their attention instantly which the app combats by having fun cartoon images and colorful backgrounds. This is also helped along with fun jolly music which plays during every game so the children will have both visual and sound attention grabs to ensure they are fully focused.

About the game:

The app itself hosts multiple versions of games; this is for different subject matters the child/toddler may want to learn. An example of the game is the app will present the children with 3 phonics that all start with a certain letter in the alphabet, so an ant or apple, then at the bottom of the screen the whole alphabet is laid out and the child will have to pick the letter that is featured in each example. This is just one example of the apps many unique games, most follow the same sort of premise with different variations for different subjects.
As the games progress the higher the difficulty level will raise, this is to provide a challenge for the children and toddlers; the app will slowly start to present them with more obscure letters, items, colors and so on which creates an area for learning. If the toddler is having increased difficulty, then the parent can select easier game modes for them so they can still enjoy the benefits the app offers.

Benefits for children:

The games that the children and toddlers can play offer numerous amounts of benefits for their young minds. The most obvious one being that they will be learning a new skill/s while enjoying a fun and engaging activity, studies show that a child learns the best when they are enjoying themselves in the process and the app offers both the fun and educational side for every user.
Another benefit of using this app is the child can be doing something called remote learning, this means they will be learning something away from the classroom; this not only allows them to learn much faster and more efficiently but also improves their relationship and ability to use technology, which is a fast growing skill the modern age.
Not only this but the app can increase communication skills between the child/toddler and parent/s, using an educational app can allow for you to bond with your child by completing numerous amounts of tasks together, this has been proven to not only improve the bond between you and your child but to also boost your child’s self-esteem.
Finally, another benefit that can really help boost your child’s overall learning capabilities is the idea of introducing a new learning method, although the app uses a simple base game it is still something new and engaging for your child to play around with and learn. New learning methods can really help young children see things from new perspectives and help them piece things together much easier than they would have before.


• Activities that will allow your child to learn ABC and 123
• Activities that will allow your child to learn colors and shapes
• Fun and interactive games
• Bright and colorful screens to engage your child
• Fun and cheerful music to also help engage your child
• Cartoon graphics to be suitable for children
• All different types of game modes for each subject
• Increasing difficulty to help provide a challenge for the children
• Support for parents

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